Guide / Sightseeing Service


Can you use all Japanese rail-lines with a JR Pass? What are the signature dishes in Osaka? How do you go about booking tickets for the Sumo?

Japan is an island nation with a climate that ranges from cool and snowy in the north to tropical in the south. Mountains and forests extend for miles before giving way to majestic oceans and rustic towns. And then of course, there are Japan’s world-famous futuristic cities – from Tokyo’s skyscrapers and neon lights in the east, to cultural Kyoto in the midlands, to sun-soaked Okinawa in the south.

Despite a recent campaign to translate many road signs into English, it remains the case that the vast majority of Japanese speak almost no English; and the public transport network and other shared facilities can be hard to understand for the uninitiated. Similarly, outside of the big cities and tourist hotspots, Japan can be an impenetrable place for travellers; with cultural and social barriers adding to the linguistic challenge.

I can help you side-step these concerns by serving as a personal guide and interpreter throughout your holiday. I can advise on particular activities and locations to visit, tailored to your particular interests and goals for your trip, as well as facilitating your booking arrangements and dealings. Make the most of your visit with a personal and expert interpreter and facilitator on-hand.

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